3 feb. 2016

Beauty | Blue Valentine (Swatch)

Hola Dolls! Desde el año pasado ya podemos disfrutar de labiales morados, amarillos y hasta azul, hace un par de dia estuve paseando por el Mall y me tope con los nuevos labiales Matte de L.A. girls, los que son presentacion lipstick, este azul llamo mi atencion y decidi comprar solo este para asi probar la textura de esta nueva linea de labiales...

Hi Dolls! Since last year we can enjoy purple, yellow and blue lipstick, a couple of days ago I was walking through the Mall and I came across the new Matte lipsticks L.A. girls, who are lipstick presentation, this blue caught my attention and I decided to buy just this in order to prove the texture of this new line of lipsticks ...

Es un estilo de morado o realmente es Azul? noooo! es totalmente azul y se llama Blue Valentine es completamente Matte, pero de efecto cremoso, estoy segura que lo usaria para salir ya que realmente me ha gustado el color pero su consistencia no es mi favorita.

It is a way of actually purple or blue? noooo! is completely blue and is called Blue Valentine is completely Matte but creamy effect, I'm sure I would use to go out and really liked the color, but its consistency is not my favorite.

Es lindo ver que las marcas expande sus horizontes hacia nuevos colores, para asi salir de la rutina de los rosados y rojos.

It's nice to see that brands expand their horizons into new colors to come out of the routine of pink and red.

Y tu? Te atreverias a usar este color?
And you? Would you like to use this color?

Yo compro el producto mencionado en el presente post, no me pagan por mencionar ninguno de ellos, y mi opinions es sincera y confiable ya que antes de realizar un review en mi blog de algun producto lo he utilizado y puesto a prueba, para poder brindarles comentarios y/o críticas responsables.

I buy the product mentioned in this post, no one paid me to name any of them, and my opinions are sincere, as before a review in my blog of some product I have used and tested in order to provide comments and / or criticisms responsible.

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  1. This lipstick looks really great on you!
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    I wish you a beautiful day!


  2. No me animaría a usar un labial azul, pero a vos te queda muy bien :D


  3. Love the color on you. Never tried super bold lipstick. Please keep in touch!
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  4. Oh this color looks so pretty on you

    Enjoy your day
    x Isabelle | NEW POST @ Outfit Van De Dag
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    1. Thank yooooou darling! <3
      have a nice day <3

  5. Great lipstick!


  6. Yes, rock that lipstick! Its a pretty colour on you ♥


  7. absolutely enjoyed this post dear!

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  8. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  9. Thank you, PandoraGlam. I am following you now. Have a lovely weekend!

  10. Eres la chica de los mil colores labiales jaja

  11. me gustaaaaa! ;O porque no es tan chillon xD<3
    Te quiero azulita *-*

  12. Wooh such a vampy shade! Blue looks so great on you! :D Now following on GFC! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. yay! thx dear and welcome to my blog :)

  13. Maybe it's not the most "wearable" colour but I love it anyway <3 unique

    Walking Freckle

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  14. That lipstick looks amazing on you! But I didn't think I would be brave enough to use it.

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    Instagram: @sarafqueiros

  15. Daring shade,but looks nyc on u <3

    Thankyou for the visit, followed ya =)

  16. Great post! Would you like to follow each other to stay in touch?
    Just let me know!

  17. Hello,

    Wow, amazing ! :D

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