15 nov. 2015

What should I know about Pastel Hair

Yaaaay! My First post in complete english! and Hello! They may believe that one of the questions that have made me more is: Should I have bleached my hair for a pastel color Hair?, I have golden blond hair but I do not grab the pastel shade as wanted, whyyyyyyy!?.

Today many girls want to wear a pastel color hair, good and why not? They are really beautiful! So today I will write about what types of pastels exist and what color we need to have these tones to remain in our hair 100%.

To start you should know that there are only 6 types of pastel hair and are:

For one of these hair colors, is important to bleach your hair a minimum we must have a very clear blonde or for a better finish platinum blonde base should be almost white

And before you run the Beauty with a pinterest or google photo or in another case, you start doing any discoloration in your hair, keep in mind that bleach is very dangerous for your hair .

I should know?
  • When discolor your hair should consider the type of hair, if thick or thin.
  • The pastel hair fall much faster, on occasion may be ugly tones (depending on the color you have used).
  • Try to wash every 4 days or if you like 1 to week.
  • You must nourish your hair, buy hair masks, shampoo and conditioner sulfate and parabens free.
  • If you are using Manic Panic, apply some in your conditioner, so the color is more durable.
  • If you've thought out a pastel-colored hair you need think about it what color you stay well, these tones is not all them.
  • If you go to the beach or pool, do not paint your hair before, the pool have chlorine and sea salt are great enemies of this type of tones.
  • Prevent hot tools.

I hope it helps a bit this post, if you own question Leave them in the comments and we will gladly help you.


Spanish post? HERE <3!

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  1. Me encantó que ahora este en ingles tambien!!

    Love u sis!!


  2. Diooj mio quiero el cabello de colores!!!! *-*



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